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In this article I will be talking about my process of learning E-Commerce, including some of the visual and user experience problems I've been encountering while building separate brand identities.

To keep the subject more interesting, I’ll be focusing on talking about the creative aspects of these side projects. So over past few days I’ve been building up some first ideas for branding and making my separate business identities more focused towards their audiences, I’ll be covering some of my discoveries in this post.

Ebay is a really great site to sell technology and gaming products, and since the company recently introduced a branding overhaul on the site with a new visual overhaul, I wanted to make my store more cohesive with the overall design when using eBay on a desktop or mobile device.

Inspired from the previous design I tried to focus on the aspects of simplicity when navigating the online space and I mainly took inspiration over the use of colour and layout when rebranding the page. I wanted the logo to represent connectivity and technology so I integrated the use of 3D elements into the design, keeping the colour consistent with the 2D banners.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve setup several affiliate partnerships with E-Commerce platforms that I use including Amazon, eBay and Etsy to help users find products online in the Design and Technology categories.

Recently I’ve started a couple of Twitter services focusing on design and gaming separately. The brand identity of ELDgaming is dedicated to a contemporary use of typography and design emphasising the use of the colour green which doesn’t feel very corporate and represents ideas around positivity and effectiveness which I thought were quite important when it comes to such a focused industry.

ELDcreative is focused towards users trying to find gifts and commercial physical items including mostly handmade products. The strategy here is to inform a wider audience about the work being created by independent Artists and Designers, using the Etsy platform and expanding into Amazon Handmade. One of my goals here is to find out how much people know of and use these platforms to purchase handmade items.

The design is a mixture of traditional and contemporary values because I do feel it is a very interesting market to sell handmade physical items in the age of digital distribution.

These are just a few of my initial design ideas that I’ve been up to recently, I will be recapping on these projects later in the year when more development has been put into them and possibly including some user testing!

Thanks again for reading, if you have any questions or would like to chat about any of these subjects please feel free to send me an email or Twitter DM.

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