Child's Play

Poster and T-Shirt design for the Child’s Play identity.


Child’s Play is a worldwide charity organisation which donates video games to children in a variety of hospitals including the UK.


When initially approaching the project, I wanted to challenge my drawing aesthetic to fit the tone of the organisation. I experimented with a variety of colours to represent the line work however the green and blue combined really felt like they represented trust and stability.

The Child’s Play logo is in the centre of the illustration, there is an added layer of transparency on the asset to represent the charities goals of clarity and simplicity while also filling a void between the line work.

With the addition of typography on the T-Shirt, I decided to go for a san serif design which felt modern and contemporary as a very online centric organisation.


The exaggerated bar element was used to uplift the type but also leave a sense of progression and diversity.

I initially experimented with having a cross object in the centre of the illustration instead of the gamepad however this didn’t really communicate as effectively and clearly about the identity of the charity as an object that is directly related to gaming rather than overall health.


From this point, I had the permission to implement the logo into the design which I think was the best solution to that problem and focuses in on the smaller details of the values in Child’s Play.

I have recently expanded this project to include a custom phone case.


More information can be found here