Get Well Gamers Romania

I was approached by Get Well Gamers to work on an identity redesign for the Romania website and social pages. 

My thinking process towards the project started with identifying key points of reference to help the user get an understanding of the site. By using the traditional colours of the country's flag, users will be able to easily connect with the site page while also being familiar with the GWG logo.

The culture of Romania came across to me as being very dynamic and open which were important elements to reflect on the overall design.


This is an example of the Facebook banner that is currently used on the site page. I tried to emphasise the points of interaction through colour in the design.

GWGRO banner SL.png

I also created an illustrated version of the banner design which did not get signed off for a final design however I enjoyed experimenting with the idea of bringing characters into the visual identity.

With illustration.png

The Facebook page is now live here