Targeted  Homepage

After browsing a variety of websites related to the darts ecommerce industry I noticed that many of these websites have not been updated to feature contemporary features which I would have come to expect from other mainstream ecommerce sites including Amazon or eBay.


In particular I did not find any sites within this industry that supported a responsive design that adapted to the desktop and mobile environments which I thought would give users a better experience, having the choice to use these services while being away from a desktop environment. This aspect was a problem that I was interested in researching and possibly finding a solution to by experimenting with having a desktop and mobile design that would be ready for user testing.

The desktop design for the home page has been created to have more content available to the user than the mobile variant however still encompassing the same features. The challenge here was to research into what users are interacting with on the home page and simplify that process into a  simple layout that compliments the environment of the devices they are already using.

The mobile design has the same number of features as the desktop variant however is more focused around what the user will be using the site for while on the go. For example, the deals and offers are more prominent and take up a larger amount of space making the experience more readable on a smaller screen.

I’ve used aspects of the design language in my logo for this template to also communicate as a menu bar icon. I feel this would help the user to easily remember the brand identity while also providing extra functionality into the design instead of having a generic menu bar icon that doesn't reference the themes of the brand.

At this stage I have created the foundation of my initial design which will be ready to use in a testing environment on a platform including InVision or in person to test with users. This screenshot is showing some of the process that I use to implement HTML and CSS into a working design prototype.

During the testing period I can ask users questions on how the site looks and feels to use which is incredibly helpful when narrowing down what is working and what I can improve on in an updated version.