A New Perspective

A virtual reality animation focusing on the connection between the narrative and its direct users in the virtual environment. Presented live at the Ampersand exhibition in Dove street studios, Norwich, UK, 2017.

My focus on the project was to direct and design the layout and function of the virtual reality environments to provide a unique experience to every user. 


Project demonstrations are available on request.


Created in collaboration with character artist Nanlita Kanmuang and written by Gus Evans.

For further insight into the project please take a look at my blog which details my research and development here.

This video is a stage of development during the project. I was focusing on questioning the viewer according to the visuals and sounds in the environment, using objects to reference the narrative structure and pacing.


These demonstrations took various forms which I could gain feedback from users interacting with the environment. This was an essential process of the development process which ensured I could iron out parts of narrative interactions that didn't quite work.


Creating a VR experience which does not have motion sickness required testing the software in a variety of environments to make sure the relationship between the moving images and the user felt like a natural experience.